Watch: What This Woman Pulled Out From Her Leg Using Tweezers Is Shockingly Relieving


Nowadays it seems that you can find almost everything on the internet. When it comes to insects, there are so many unknown that we are getting surprised with new ones every year.

Moreover, the internet is the place where you can watch first hand experiences of people who came into a close, weird and nasty contact with some creepy insects. In one specific article a huge winged insect was pulled off from a guy’s year (Watch gruesome moment huge insect is pulled from bed of wax in patient’s ear). In another article there was some farmer who died because he was bitten by a virus infected tick.

Shannon Shields is a YouTube user who uploaded a video that’s titled “Removal of monster (Something) from my leg.”
In the video you can see a weird looking parasite embedded deep in a woman’s leg.

She pulls out this parasite with a pair of tweezers and there was a giant hole left after she has done so.

The parasite was so deep inside her leg that it took her few attempts to pull it out. Finally, she manages to remove the creature, leaving a small deep hole behind.

Below you can watch the video:

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