Your Sitting Position Says A Lot About Your S*X Personality! Find Out The Best Sitting Positions To Seduce Someone!!


Body language is more important than the verbal. So, understanding it can help you in everyday situations. Your sitting style can say a lot about your personality. According to the psychologists who study body language, sitting position talks about people’s intentions.


Position A
These are the kind of people who think that if they cover themselves with a blanket, the monster will go away! People who think that their problems will take care of itself.

Sometimes, problems really do fix on their own, but when they don’t, these people blame someone else.

On the other hand, these people are easy going and childish. It is easy to communicate with them and they are absolutely not boring. These charming and creative people are the ones that will often say things they don’t mean and later regret.

Position B
These are the dreamer type of sitting. They have a great imagination and often amazing ideas. They are called “the soul of the team or the company.” It is never boring with the.

They love to travel and make new friends. These people can change partner, job or home without much thinking. They act fast and this is totally normal for the.

Position C
These people love the comfort life. They may not spend their weekend going to the mall and making their style perfect, but they can spend lots of time in choosing the right perfume or cream.

Their relationship toward clothes can be very complicated, thus, they are very capricious and choosy. They are often surrounded with a so called “chaos”, but in what others consider it a chaos, there is a certain logical system: the owner can find all the necessary things with closed eyes.
These people’s main weakness is the inability to focus on something special, and cannot concentrate for a longer period of time. Moreover, they easily go off the topic.

Position D
These people are obsessed with accuracy, they are never late and they don’t like when others are late. They can be described as: sensitive, intelligent and smart. They don’t want to express love in public places. They believe in an intimate love. So, if your partner belongs in this group, try not to kiss him/her in public.

If the person wants to sit with the legs connected, and relying on the whole foot, then this person is open, direct, and maybe a bit insolent. When in this position, the person wants to raise the upper part of the foot, relying on the heels, be sure, that even though they seem restrained, they are actually ready to oppose everyone.

Position E
These people are the thinkers. They over-analyze every situation and then make a decision. We can say that they are very persistent (which can sometimes turn into stubbornness) and they hasten towards the life’s aim. Their appearance is very important and believe in love in a right timing.

Source: Baby-Kids-Parents

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