Mom Applies This Remedy To Her Baby, Shortly After He Dies. Be Careful With This, Moms!


Vick VapoRub is an ointment, seemingly safe and not dangerous, which parents use for treatment when they have flu, fever, nasal congestion, or different conditions.
However, parents who have very young kids should be extra careful when using it to them, since it possesses a great danger for children.

There was a case in Mexico recently when a mother of a 2-years-old baby applied it on him and lost him shortly after.

It was a normal day when she entered the baby’s room to check up on him. When she touched him, he looked like he had fever. So, she applied some Vick VapoRub on his back, chest and under the nose in an effort to relieve him. She thought this will help him with his breathing.

After she did so, she fell asleep right next to him, since she was very tired. A couple of hours later she woke up to see a very unpleasant surprise: her son wasn’t breathing at all.

She rushed to the hospital trying to save his life, but with no avail. He was already gone. The doctors checked him and concluded that his death was due to Vick VapoRub, which caused inflammation in the respiratory track.

So, is this remedy harmful for everyone? No, adults actually have very positive effects when using it. However, it shouldn’t be applied on children younger than 2 years old, since the mucus is increased by 60% by this ointment. As a result, their breathing is blocked and their life in danger.

It’s not the company’s fault, since there is a warning on the label which says that it shouldn’t be used on kids younger than 3. Unfortunately, this mother didn’t read it.


Often, there are great natural remedies and treatments which can be great for your health and have numerous positive effects. But, we urge you to always read the labels when you want to use something on your children: Their immune system is still weak and some remedies can be fatal for their life.

Source: Science Of Healthy Living

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