Premature Baby With A Dazzling Smile Gives Hope To Worried Parents


One thing that many people would agree is the fact that we all love babies. Even though sometimes they can be noisy and smelly they represent hope for the future. They are playful, innocent, cute and intrigued by the big world around them.

They say the biggest luck that anybody can experience is having a child.

Sadly, there are some situations where babies are born sick or disabled, facing many hardships over the course of their, unfortunately, short lives. Other times, babies are born too early and they have to fight for their survival, because they are not ready and developed for the outside world.

This can be extremely stressful for the parents and all the members of the family.
A premature baby’s smile is something beautiful to behold. On the day of Thanksgiving on 2014 little Freya Vinje was born. She was born too early because of the complicated pregnancy of her mother. The mother, Lauren was suffering from preeclampsia (a complication characterized by high blood pressure)

When Lauren was at 28 weeks she gave birth to this little angel and she weighed 1.7kg. When she was born something incredible happened.

An overjoyed Lauren remarked to ABC News that
I was talking to her and I had said ‘should we send a picture to Daddy?’ and right when I was about to take the picture, she had this huge smile. It was a picture that I had always wanted to get out for people to see because of how it touched me [in] the way that it did. We gave a copy to the nurses, and when we went to have our second little girl, they still had it hanging up in their break room.


Honestly, she is the best thing that has happened to us. We go to the store and she’s the friendliest little girl and she says hi to everybody. She’s so fun. She’s so happy. That picture at five days old, you can see her little personality and you look at her now, and she hasn’t changed. She’s still the happy little girl in that photo.

These pictures had to give all the parents waiting in the hospital with their preemie’s hope. Don’t lose hope – that is the bottom line. Send happy thoughts and prayers out to all those families around the world that have babies – premature or not!

Source: Healthy Food Team

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