This Is What The Ideal Woman’s Body Looks Like, According To Science

ideal woman body

Many people thought that Victoria’s Secret models represent the ideal woman’s body. So, scientists have conducted a study and found out what should the ideal female body look like.

The study was done by the University of Texas and it showed that the height of the ideal woman is 168 cm. Also, the bust/weight/hip measurements should e 99-63-91.


It’s hard to use your imagination to picture it with these given numbers, so here is a picture of what that would look like.

The model in the picture is Kelly Brook, an actress and model from England. She’s 34. Although she was rejected at first when she tried modeling, she is now one of the most successful plus-size models.

So, by what standard did the scientists name Kelly Brook’s body “The ideal female body”?

Well, it represents the most attractive and important a woman should have, fertility.

We, as biological machines, have two main roles: to survive and replicate. So, Brook’s body is ideal for the second function. Not only can “plump” women bear a child better and safer, but also feed better as well. Also, youth and good health, when shown on the face, are attractive to men.

The study has also shown that even though some men might come from different cultures, they will still be attracted to the same women that possess youthful, healthy features.

So, how do the biggest modeling companies push the skinny models to dictate attractiveness? According to Jennifer Lee, an ex top designer for Karl Lagerfeld, this is because they are used for selling clothes primary, not show fertility.

They can point out the good characteristics when wearing clothes, highlighting them and making them better looking to the average customer.

So, if you’re a woman with a few extra pounds, don’t try to become skinny at the cost of your own health. This study has shown that men are more attracted to fertile-looking women than the skinny runway models.

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