Hey You, Future Mom! You Are Sleeping Wrong, This Is The Correct Sleeping Position During Pregnancy?

This Is The Correct Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Most of the time, women aren’t aware of the importance of their sleeping position when they are pregnant. Also, being comfortable during this period is really hard to achieve, because you can’t sleep the way you normally do.

So, in this article we write about some expert-approved sleeping positions that you must try during pregnancy.

First, why does the normal sleeping position feel so uncomfortable?

This Is The Correct Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

This is because during this period, the body changes a lot. Also, there is the back pain, stomach size increase, shortness of breath, indigestion, sleeplessness and more.

So, experts recommend that these are the best sleeping positions for pregnant women:

– Sleeping on side

Doctors agree that this is the optimal sleeping position for women during their pregnancy. Also, it’s better to choose the left side. This is because sleeping on the left side makes the nutrients reach the baby easier, and also increasing the blood flow.

Also, it’s recommended that you put a pillow between your knees when sleeping like this.

If you have back pain, put 2 pillows, one under the abdomen and another one between the legs. If you have shortness of breath, sleep with a pillow too to help you breathe easier.

Although at first you will feel awkward in this position, since you don’t usually sleep this way, with time you will get more and more comfortable.

Also, it’s impossible to keep this position during the whole night, so switching positions is normal during your sleep.

What sleeping positions you must avoid?

Also, you need to avoid sleeping on your back, since it may cause back pain, indigestion, breathing issues, low blood pressure and more. Also, you’re probably aware that you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach too.

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