You Can Volunteer To Cuddle Drug-Addicted Babies In Order To Help Them Heal

You Can Volunteer To Cuddle Drug-Addicted Babies In Order To Help Them Heal

In today’s article we will present you an emotional story of babies who are suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). These babies are born with their mother’s addiction in the womb.

Unfortunately the drug addiction rates are constantly going up and more and more babies end up in these centers.

When these little angels are born, they require extra care because they’re going through the excruciating process of withdrawal.

Just recently a new program has started that proved that can be of great help and the valentines that are involved they really enjoy helping.

The Volunteers need to cuddle and hug the babies, give them all the love and help they can offer.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that incidents of NAS have increased 383% in the United States since 2000. That’s almost quadruple!

The volunteers are welcomed by the already-overwhelmed nurses.

Pennsylvania nurse Jane Cavanuagh knew that she had to do something to help these poor babies so she started the volunteer program at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

These babies are going through withdrawal need to be held for extended periods, she explains. They need a human touch.


Maribeth McLaughlin, chief nursing officer says that so far this program has proven to be successful and babies who are on it often require less medication.

[Cuddling] is helping them manage through these symptoms, she says. They are very irritable; they are hard to conceal. This is about swaddling them and giving them that comfort and safe, secure feeling.

If you want to be part of this awesome programming you’re in luck.. Most states now have some form of cuddle care program in place. You can do a quick Google search and find out the programs that are offered in your area.

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