A Baby With Three Parents Was Just Born

baby with three parents

In this article, you will read an amazing story about an Ukrainian couple who were infertile, by adding a third person to the process. This happened after many years of failed attempts at in vitro fertilization, and it was done using a procedure that had other reasons behind it before.

This procedure originally treated women who had an unhealthy mitochondrial DNA which caused their kids to have genetic disorders.

It’s January and already science is taking a huge step ahead this year. This is the first time ever that three people gave their DNA to create a baby, and the baby girl’s birth date will always be remembered by science. It happened on January 5 2017, in Ukraine.

baby with three parents

The procedure which was used is mitochondrial donation, and it originally treated women who had unhealthy mitochondrial DNA which caused their kids to have genetic disorders. Now, it developed into a procedure with bigger importance, now known as “pronuclear transfer.” Now, instead of unhealthy mitochondrial DNA, doctors used it to cure infertility.

The people behind this project are the team at Nadiya clinic in Kiev, Ukraine, who finally after many years of failed attempts at in vitro fertilization, now succeeded in giving life from infertile parents. The team leader is Valery Zukin and he succeeded at combining the father’s sperm and the mother’s egg into a donor woman’s egg. As a result, now the baby has 3 people’s genetics instead of 2, and yet it’s healthy. It underwent many tests and it has been proven that it actually has three people’s genetics.

The process of mitochondrial donation was approved since 2015, in the UK. However, it was done only for certain cases when the woman’s mitochondrial DNA was so unhealthy that it caused the children to have genetic disorders. Also, in Mexico it was once done to prevent a kid from inheriting his mother’s Leigh disease (a nervous disorder).
Ukraine doesn’t have the limits that doctors in the UK have, therefore treatments like this can take place.

Zukin says that “In Ukraine, the situation is very simple – it’s not forbidden. We have not any regulation concerning this.”
The only risk that this treatment has is that if the child has some genetic modifications because of it, they might be passed on to their kids as well. The team in Nadiya clinic plans on monitoring the kid’s development for the next 5 years as well.

Different laws and regulations in the countries might mean “medical tourism”, or in other words, people going into countries who don’t have laws that limit these kinds of treatments to seek help from the local doctors. Therefore, it’s really important that the countries come up with a global consensus when it comes to these treatments.

It seems now the team in Mexico that prevented the child from inheriting his mother’s disease, along with Zukin’s team will have lots of people seeking for their help. We shall see if other doctors catch up with the new methods too.

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