Applying Vicks On Your Feet Can Clear Cough In An Instant!

Applying Vicks on Your Feet Can Clear Cough in an INSTANT

Flu and colds are very common for this period of the year. Cough is one of the main symptoms of these illnesses, and it can get really annoying. You might have tried to treat it with Vicks VapoRub, which is a really popular medicine for cough, and even rubbed some of it on your chest to help you relieve the cough.

But, you probably aren’t using it the right way doing so. The best way to use Vicks VapoRub is to rub it over the soles of your feet.

Applying Vicks on Your Feet Can Clear Cough in an INSTANT

This method originates from many social networks and forums on the internet, where people say how it effectively treated their cough. Also, after you rub it on your feet, you should put on socks. It’s recommended that you do this before sleeping.

However, despite these people’s experiences, how true is this? Scientists have nothing to back it up, although the technique is not that new. It was first spread online in March 2007. Not only does it work for adults, but for children as well, according to the people posting online.

Dr. Lynne Jordan is a psychologist that thinks there might be some truth behind the method, just because it reduces stress. So, in reality it might be a side-effect of the reduced stress. Also, she says that if your kid is coughing for days, you should seek a more reliable treatment.

If you experience cough along with the following symptoms, visit your doctor immediately:

– Coughing for three or more days, along with fever
– Wet and productive cough
– Breathing difficulties
– Cough interfering with your sleep
– Fatigue or cough making swallowing difficult

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