5 Phrases Sociopaths and Narcissists Use To Undermine Your Confidence

5 Phrases Sociopaths and Narcissists Use To Undermine Your Confidence

Can you recognize a person which is a narcissist or sociopath? Well, you might have a few in your life without even knowing. It is important to understand that all sociopaths are narcissists, but not all narcissists are sociopaths. If that confuses you, will be more than glad to explain.

These two personality types have a lot in common, but the motives behind what they do and say pretty much different.

First, the sociopath wants to control every facet of your life, while on the other hand the narcissist wants all the attention to him/her.

Moreover, both personality types will act similarly to get you where they want you.

These are the most common 5 sentences that sociopaths and narcissists use to make you feel like you’re crazy.

1. I hate drama
They often tell you that they hate drama, but if you take a look in their life they are overwhelmed with drama.

They usually start with idealizing you above everyone else, but if you look underneath, they are pathological liars, serial cheaters, and eternal victims. But at the very beginning, it is hard to reveal their inner self.

When you mention frustration or concerns they always make you like you’re the drama queen or king.

2. You’re…..
Jealous, Crazy, bipolar, enamored and the list goes on and on. When the recreations begin to go downhill this is the time when they start using these names.
In the beginning of your relationship, they always complain how their ex over, colleagues or friends are crazy, bipolar, jealous, bitter… or if they got dumped than they probably would say that their ex is still in love with him/her. After they are done with you they will throw you in the same “crazy pile.”

3. You’re too sensitive
After they overwhelm you with all the flattery words and praises, all of the sudden they will ignore you for days, for no reason. This is part of their tactics, they wait for you to react. When you finally do, they will accuse you of being oversensitive.

As the relationship evolves, they will start criticizing you and insulting you (in a teasing/joking way). They’re are actually pushing your boundaries and when you finally react, you will eventually sound crazy. In few weeks you will transform from an easy-going person to a mess of insecurities and self-doubt.

4. You misunderstood
This is one of their favorite tactics. The narcissist and sociopath will deliberately choose the words that will set you off. If you react, they will immediately use it against you. Sometimes they will even deny that they said such things.

This is called slighting – manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

5. You can’t live without me
And the final goal of all sociopaths and narcissists. The reason for using all the dirty tactics is to admit to them that you can’t survive without them.

However, they don’t use this to build a healthy relationship, but to have a control over you. Don’t ever let someone do this to you. The situation will only get worst and when they finally leave you, you will be depressed and miserable.

Source: The Earth Child

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